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Our proficiency is manufacturing and supplying casted…

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Testing and menstruation equipment

Since producing high quality parts requires testing…

Testing and menstruation equipment Testing and menstruation equipment

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Considering that qualify casting is consequence of…

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Our proficiency is manufacturing and supplying casted aluminum parts. The current production program consists of producing and supplying die casted aluminum parts, which these are being used in automotive industries.

Iran khodro aluminum casting company relied on it's high tech facilities and it's professional staffs, able to manufacture high quality products machining international standards and competitive price in global marketIKACO is the biggest manufacture of high pressure and gravity aluminum casting parts in Iran and produce a wide selection of aluminum parts as mentioned above.

Already these produced parts used by IKCO (Iran Khodro Industrial Group) and in near feature tend to export it to other countries.IKACO has ability; facility and knowledge for producing all of aluminum parts with best quality and competitive price.