Design, construction and implementation of bush holder

Iran Khodro Aluminum Casting Company, relying on its internal experts, was able to design, manufacture and implement the crucible holder and diecast D4 micro-arm melting robot 100% internally in the year 1400 and completed this project within a period of 20 months. and replace the pond holder and ladle robot.

Dr. Mojtaba Moazzami, CEO of Iran Khodro Aluminum Casting Company, announced; Iran Khodro Aluminum Casting Company, as one of the leading companies in the casting industry, is continuously seeking to improve and develop its knowledge and technology in the direction of quality production with a reduction in environmental effects, and in this regard, the experts and experienced engineers of this group are designing and The construction of bush holders as an alternative to pond holders and a new micro-melting robot that has valuable qualitative and environmental benefits by reducing energy consumption, which can be mentioned as follows.

Dr. Mojtabi Moazzami added that the advantages of implementing this project for the company include:
Lower electricity consumption (about 25% of existing holders)
Reducing the cost of gas consumption
Reduced cost of compressed air, high temperature stability
Reducing the cost of using ladles and studs, using less elements compared to existing holders
The lower price of making a bush holder (about 50% of the price of an existing holder)
Stability of density and quality criteria of the melt, accuracy in the size of the melting rate and quality stability, very convenient slag removal
Less need of arm robots for repairs and maintenance

No need for a long ladle in this type of robot and the use of the UBE design ladle in a smaller size, high accuracy of the amount of melting and pouring the melt into the sleeve
In the end, the CEO of Iran Khodro Aluminum Casting Company expressed his hope that Iran Khodro Aluminum Casting Company is expected to be able to solve the problems of similar companies in line with its social responsibilities, in addition to being self-sufficient in the production of bush holders and micro-arm smelting robots.

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