IRAN KHODRO Aluminium Casting Company (private joint stock), has been registered in 2000, in order to provide IRAN KHODRO INDUSTRIAL GROUP’s car engine aluminium casting parts beside Country’s other market vehicles.


In 2004, the Company succeeded to obtain Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) from Peugeot France.


The company's factory is located near Abhar, a city nearby west of Tehran by 230 kilometres.





Head Office: 4th Samand Building, Paykanshahr, 15th km of Tehran - Karaj Highway, Tehran - Iran  P.O.Box: 13895-153

Tel: (+98 21) 44797301-3                 Fax: (+98 21) 48225964


Factory: Tehran - Zanjan Old Road, 17th km of Abhar Road

Tel: (+98 24) 35362245-9     Fax: (+98 24) 35362254




Aluminum Casting