Production Facilities

A) Melting unit


B) Gravity casting units for production of XU7, TU3, TU5 and EF7 Cylinder Heads


C) High Pressure Diecast Unit (H.P) for production of all types of Cylinder Blocks, clutch Housing, Gearbox Housing, Differential Housing, Odometer gauge Housing, TU3 BEARING HOUSING and (EF7) national engine parts


D) Core making unit (Cold Box and Hot Box)


E) Laboratory units (mechanical, metallurgical, X-ray, quantometer, sand, measurement and calibration)


F) Research Unit


G) Molds repair and maintenance units



Head Office: 4th Samand Building, Paykanshahr, 15th km of Tehran - Karaj Highway, Tehran - Iran  P.O.Box: 13895-153

Tel: (+98 21) 44797301-3                 Fax: (+98 21) 48225964


Factory: Tehran - Zanjan Old Road, 17th km of Abhar Road

Tel: (+98 24) 35362245-9     Fax: (+98 24) 35362254




Aluminum Casting