Mission :

Our activity is the production and sale of all kinds of aluminum parts, including the design of the process and the making of molds for the production and presentation of the raw casting part or the final machined part with the assembly of related parts as a set, for the automobile manufacturer, the spare parts market, and other existing markets.


As one of the main companies of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, we plan to become one of the leading companies in the field of production and export of all kinds of raw and machined aluminum casting parts with the assembly of related parts as a set in terms of quantity and quality. We have our own goal and in this way, we put the interests of all the stakeholders of the company at the top of our work.

Organizational values ​​(Values):

All the employees of Iran Khodro Aluminum Casting Company adhere to the organizational beliefs and values ​​and have always put the following fundamental values ​​at the forefront of their affairs and activities:

3-1- Belief in creativity and innovation

2-3- Belief in teamwork, organizational learning and knowledge sharing

3-3- Orderliness and systemic culture

3-4- meritocracy

3-5- Orbital concern and continuous improvement in processes

3-6- Commitment to customer orientation

7-3- Organizational excellence and result orientation

8-3- Adhering to the requirements of occupational health and safety, social responsibilities and environmental friendliness

9-3- Responsibility and accountability in organizational tasks

3-10- adherence to professional business ethics

3-11- Transparency, honesty and trustworthiness in responsibilities